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Posted By: learner enclosure under sprinkler ? - 04/14/08 06:51 AM


Base on CEC .

Does anybody know " What type enclosure box - 3R or 6P is right choice to used Under sprinkler " ?

Which rule?

thank you advance.

Posted By: Sixer Re: enclosure under sprinkler ? - 04/15/08 03:18 AM
Rule 26-008 and Appendix B
Is the enclosure in an electrical room or vault?
Posted By: learner Re: enclosure under sprinkler ? - 04/15/08 03:35 AM


Thank you.

the quiz not point out where is it.
from "Rule 26-008 and Appendix B" & table 65, I still can't make sure which type is right.

so could you please give more recommend?
Posted By: Rick Kelly Re: enclosure under sprinkler ? - 04/15/08 12:52 PM
As per 2-400 and Table 65, type 4, or better, would be required.
Posted By: mikesh Re: enclosure under sprinkler ? - 04/15/08 05:00 PM
If the sprinkler is usually operating a type 4 is required. If it is for fire protection then any enclosure appropriate for the area without spriklers is ok. The normal use is what we determine the enclosure type not for a fire.

Now having said that there still are requirements for enclosures and equipment where a stream of water from a sprinkler head is required then 26-008 but that applies to the panels, transformers, switch boards etc.

A normal outlet box or JB where only wire and devices are installed would not require a special enclosure or every sprinled building would need to be completely wired per section 22.

In the case of a fire I presume we don't want the distrobution or transformers to fail from the sprikler putting water on the equipment. A fire pump or emergency lighting might be at stake. A wet location JB is overkill as this is a dry location except when a fire is present.
Posted By: learner Re: enclosure under sprinkler ? - 05/09/08 11:12 AM

Thank you all.
because It's a quiz. the answer is type 3R or 6P only.
base on R26-008. I choice 3R. is it right?

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