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Posted By: dougwells Loomex Bundling - 06/07/07 12:07 AM
I may have a job cleaning up work after a homeowners permit was canceled by the safety authority.
this is what i saw in the Basement.
1 8/3... 1 14/3....2 14/2 in a one inch hole.There is also minor jacket damage.

another hole theres 1 8/3 1 14/3 and 1 14/2 in a one inch hole.
the reason i ask is i would never do this as i use many holes anyhow will this be a code correction. Thanks
Posted By: jay8 Re: Loomex Bundling - 06/07/07 01:58 AM
4-004(10) permits bundling but not beyond 60mm without derating. There is the obvious repair with the damaged cable sheath, but if you can run it through the hole without damage to the cable, it is acceptable, if not always abvisable.
Posted By: jay8 Re: Loomex Bundling - 06/07/07 01:59 AM
whoops, thats 600 mm without derating, not 60 mm.
Posted By: mikesh Re: Loomex Bundling - 06/07/07 04:56 PM
In order to get the 80% on the wires I generally say 2X3 wire or 3X2 wire run together. No 100% rated breakers or 3 current carrying conductors max run together.
The hole should be big enough to allow all the conductors to run freely. I stop short of asking for max 40% fill of the hole diameter but it is still a good ideal to allow for holes big enough to easily allow the addition of another cable or two.
No derating on communications cables but they can stuff too many cables in a hole too.
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