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Posted By: copperjockey

Handtools - 01/24/06 10:45 PM

Was just wondering what brand of pliers all of you prefer to use, Klein , Channellock or Ideal. I've been using Klein since I started, but some fellow electricians swear by channellock. What's the difference in your opinion.

Posted By: Sandro

Re: Handtools - 01/25/06 02:28 AM

Klein first for me. Then, if absolutely necessary, I would bow to Ideals. Nothing else compares.
Posted By: frank

Re: Handtools - 01/25/06 03:24 AM

Klein pliers with those ugly hard red plastic Ideal handle covers that last forever.channellocks tools don't seem to be hardened as well as Klein ot Ideal IMHO.

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Posted By: copperjockey

Re: Handtools - 01/25/06 03:41 AM

Yea I find the same...But Kleins dykes allways get wobly after a couple of months the nines are still the best!
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