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Posted By: Sandro Gas bonding. - 12/24/04 11:28 PM
Increasingly, in residential work, IPEX water piping is being used. This is the flexible piping with the polyethelyne layers used in resi as an alternative to copper piping.

My question is, we normally bond the gas pipe to the cold water pipe at the Hot Water Tank. However with the IPEX piping running throughout the entire house, is this still acceptable method of bonding? In the eyes of the CEC, does the Ipex provide a continuous bond from the water main?

I have been hounding the guys to be sure that they bond the gas pipe at the panel ground when a house has Ipex, however when I observe other contractors jobs, I notice they still bond the gas at the HWT.
Posted By: Tony Moscioni Re: Gas bonding. - 01/05/05 11:26 PM

If the water lines are plastic, then the #6 bond conductor must be run back to the
closest electrical panel and bonded to ground there.

Tony Moscioni
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Safety Authority
Posted By: bigrockk Re: Gas bonding. - 01/07/05 02:52 PM
Hey Sandro,
Check out 10-406
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