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12-1502 * ENT with Thermal Insulation

Posted By: Tony Moscioni

12-1502 * ENT with Thermal Insulation - 09/06/02 12:21 PM

Section 12

12-1502 * ENT with Thermal Insulation

Does 2002 Code Rule 12-1502 or 12-1508, restrict the use of ENT when blanketed with Thermal Insulation?

Answer: No!

1998 Code Rule 12-1502(c) did not permit ENT to be used where enclosed in thermal insulation, this restriction has been deleted in the 2002 Code.

CSA conducted tests on ENT enclosed in thermal insulation and based on the results concluded the raceway was capable of dissipating the heat generated by current flow in conductors with no adverse effect on the ENT or its conductors.
Posted By: electric-ed

Re: 12-1502 * ENT with Thermal Insulation - 09/06/02 09:32 PM

ENT is limited to installation-
a. in masonry walls,
b. in concrete slabs,
c. where exposed, and
d. for direct earth burial, when approved.

There was no need for the restriction against enclosing it in thermal insulation, as none of the permitted uses involve insulation.

Maybe it is permitted in the space between two masonry walls, where insulation is often used.

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