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Posted By: sparkyinak Fire alarm phone lines and color coding - 08/07/13 01:04 AM
Hey all, is there a wire color standard used with fire alarm panels when terminated? for example, if either required line is used for voice and data, the FA has to intercept the line if it needs to call out and the line is in use. I have pulled cable for FA panels but never terminated them.

So if I pulled over two CAT5 cables to a panel from the phone board. Is there a particular color sequence used for the tip/ring going to and from (in and out line) the FA panel?
Posted By: dsk Re: Fire alarm phone lines and color coding - 08/08/17 06:16 PM
No it is not, today tip and ring are usually not of interest. The most common pairs for phone line is the white+blue pair. (tip+ring)

The white with the blue tracer is the tip, solid blue is ring. That refers to the old telephone jack.
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