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Posted By: Lee Fiber Optics - 02/01/05 11:50 PM
Hi everyone. I'm interested in learning about fiber optics and I was wondering if you guys know where any training facilities are located. I just basically want to know how to get started?

much appreciated.
Posted By: e57 Re: Fiber Optics - 02/02/05 01:05 AM
Heres a pricey five day course: (From the best people to learn from)
(They do have prerquistes for some of these, so you should check...)

Unless you already have a firm back-round in Copper Horizontal and Back-bone pathways, ytou might want to look into some of the on-line classes before you jump into it.

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Posted By: A-Line Re: Fiber Optics - 02/02/05 02:39 AM
This website might have some helpful information.
Posted By: Lee Re: Fiber Optics - 02/02/05 04:42 PM
thanks guys
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