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DIY books recalled

Posted By: kinetic

DIY books recalled - 10/20/10 12:06 AM

Numerous home improvement books are being recalled because of incorrect information that can lead to shock and fire hazard.

I sure everyone has had an encounter with a "happy homeowner" and knows that a DIY'er is bound to mess things up but even the books had it wrong.

I can think of a few ways this information could be used to help grow a licensed electrical contractors business. Hope it is useful to you as well.
Posted By: Obsaleet

Re: DIY books recalled - 10/22/10 04:26 AM

Yet the code making panel wants to make it easier for the DIY by making us mark the white wires black in switch loops and 220v applications. These are good troubleshooting tools if left alone. as soon as I open a box and see them I know what I have.

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