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Posted By: rcksmith127 Estimating Software - 05/05/09 10:48 PM
I'm searching for new estimating software. I have used AccuBid in the past while working for another contractor and I liked it, it is very pricey for a one man band though.
Can anyone offer suggestions on decent, reliable software?
I have outgrown the craftsman software as it doesn't offer much versatility.

Posted By: Tom H Re: Estimating Software - 06/07/09 11:58 PM
Check out Power! by jaffe software. You can download a demo and try before you buy. I like it.

Posted By: sid123456 Re: Estimating Software - 06/09/09 12:05 AM
Can we do a poll of what people use? The 3 top software's, Conest, Acu-bid, Mackormick. I have demoed all 3 recently and they are all pretty similar to someone who has not used software.
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