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Stampded Electrical Drawings

Posted By: PSP

Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/22/09 03:10 AM

I am bidding on an Apartment/ Commercial Project. The job will require "Stamped Electrical Drawings". How or Who would I contact about getting these? Thank you for your help.

Posted By: renosteinke

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/22/09 07:52 AM

That means drawings that are signed off on by someone who is allowed to do so. In most cases this would include a master electrician, electrical contractor, electrical engineer, or architect.

Apart from the artwork itself, also included are the load calculations.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/22/09 02:22 PM

Here in NJ, it has to be an Architect or Lic. EE/PE.

Check with your local AHJ for the requirements in your area.

You have no location listed in your profile, so all you will receive here is info from the areas of those that reply, which may not apply to you.

Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/22/09 07:21 PM

It is the same in Florida. If they want "signed and sealed" plans you need to be an engineer or architect.
I know that for a residential remodel you don't need sealed plans tho. They took mine. I did try to make them look professional with a load calc and all the notes referencing the various code cites I knew would be an issue. That was the only part of my plans that sailed through unchallenged.
Posted By: luckyshadow

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/23/09 12:07 AM

I would call the permitting department and find out. Do not assume or guess! Each area has it's own rules and reason's behind them.
In the jurisdiction I work for, all commercial drawings must be stamped by the engineer responsible for them, and the county must stamp an approval on them,every page gets stamped. We are instructed that when we go to a job we are to ask for the county approved drawings. They MUST be the original's, not a copy. If the original,stamped,approved drawings are not on site, we are to give them a red disapproval sticker stating approved drawings not on site then go on our way to the next job. The reason is the stamped drawings have been through plan review and the plan reviewers add notes to the drawings and leave notes for the inspectors.(things to be aware of, look into, or verify.)
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/23/09 12:45 AM

All this talk of approved plans is making me recall a job a few winters back ....

I was sent to a site to begin the rough wiring. I had the approved plans with me. The layout of the rooms, however, bore no resemblance to the drawings.

I brought this up with the GC, who directed me to a 'new' set of drawings .... drawings that had never been submitted to the city. It seems that the customer had changed their mind, and redesigned the place at the last moment.

Needless to say ... no approval, no work. Nor was the city particularly concerned that the customer was on a self-imposed schedule; they were not about to inspect to un-approved prints!

I guess I didn't make too many friends that day .... but as far as I'm concerned, it was their lack of planning that put the job behind schedule.
Posted By: LK

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 01/23/09 10:15 PM

Just a note, Even if your local or state laws do not require an engineer or architecter, it is a good idea to team up with one, you will find your work load increases, as soon as you are working with a professional, so many guys miss the boat when they go in business, and try to go it alone. professional ties can make a business grow and grow fast.

Posted By: SteveFehr

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 02/14/09 03:29 AM

If you were in Virginia, you could have asked me, I've got a stamp AND a seal laugh Only the stamp is legally binding in VA, but the seal just looks so much better, IMHO.

I was looking for side work when I first got my PE, but with the cost of insurance, it just doesn't make sense unless I get a lot of side work, and I'm not sure I want to sacrifice that much of my time.
Posted By: Scott35

Re: Stampded Electrical Drawings - 03/26/09 06:57 AM


Apart from the artwork itself, also included are the load calculations.

LOL!!! smile smile

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