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Posted By: HotLine1 'Jersey Guy' reminder! - 12/03/08 01:46 AM
Check your required CEU's for the upcoming renewal period.
It's less then 3 months away!!

34 hours total
9- NEC 2008 changes
1- Law
24-Trade Related

Check it out! Time flys while you're having fun!
Posted By: LK Re: 'Jersey Guy' reminder! - 12/14/08 06:56 PM
All set, took care of it, I don't like to wait until last minute, I was going to pass on it this time, wife was in hospital at thst time, and since she passed any intrest in continuing is gone.
Posted By: Tiger Re: 'Jersey Guy' reminder! - 02/21/09 05:09 AM
I'm so sorry Les. I just caught this. You've had a rough couple years. I wish I knew what to say. The Holidays must have been so difficult.

Take Care,
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