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Posted By: denny3992 NJ & DELAWARE STATE LICENSE - 03/12/08 12:35 AM
Does anybody know if NJ OR DE will accept a city license from Reading Pa as a reciprocal?

If not any body recently take either test? any study points?

We are looking at some jobs in both states and need to get a license for both

Thanks guys in advance.

Posted By: oc-nj 08757 Re: NJ & DELAWARE STATE LICENSE - 03/12/08 08:25 PM
Just took the NJ test for the 1st time in October and passed. Seemed like just about everybody else there was there for their 2nd 3rd and 4th time trying to get through it.
There was a lot of voltage drop, appliance (kitchen ranges), and service calculation questions on the NEC section so know your formulas.

The business law and fire/burgaler alarm sections were pretty easy, or at least I thought so.

My best advice is to know how to navigate your way through the books quickly and you will do alright.

Good Luck.
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: NJ & DELAWARE STATE LICENSE - 03/12/08 10:08 PM
NO, NJ will not honor a 'city' lic.
I can't speak for Delaware.

Congratulations, and welcome to ECN from another 'Jersey Guy'

Posted By: Jim M Re: NJ & DELAWARE STATE LICENSE - 03/13/08 01:59 PM
Lookup your state info here.
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