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companies offering job info

Posted By: waterdog

companies offering job info - 10/25/07 02:29 AM

Since I have acquired my license, I have had several of these entites contact me. Over the years I have developed some industry contacts, but they are limited. Anyone have any experience with these entities?

The 2 that have been the most active is the Rice Report, and

Posted By: Active 1

Re: companies offering job info - 10/26/07 12:28 AM

Rice Report was a big waist of money for me in my area. You get a small phamplet of jobs for bid in your entire state every month. Skip over all the drywall, roofing, and other trades that don't apply and you have maybe 6 leads. Forget the ones that are 100 miles away. Call a number a you get someone suprised, no were not bidding this anymore. The next month you see the same leads recycled. You prepay for the whole year and after you see what is going on you get no refunds.

Some of those other lead services like Service Majic can be an expensive waist of time.
Posted By: wire_twister

Re: companies offering job info - 10/26/07 12:49 AM

Tried Bidclerk for a while $26.00 a month subscription fee, and you have to buy the drawings to make any bids that might be in your area(not many for me) big surprise the drawings come from bidclerk too.
Posted By: waterdog

Re: companies offering job info - 10/26/07 04:23 PM

Thanks for the info

Posted By: allphase

Re: companies offering job info - 10/26/07 07:00 PM

Rice, big waist.
Blue book is ok some leeds we find out befor it comes out with them.
Bidtool is good but can be pricy.Bid tool will give you projects in your area and you can track area ,architects,or builders.
It all dependes on how much you want to spend and what kind of work you want or can do.

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