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Employee health coverage

Posted By: Redsy

Employee health coverage - 10/25/05 10:47 PM

For a healthy person or family, individual health coverage is about 75% the cost of group coverage.
If I were to hire an (healthy) employee, would an insurance company have any issue with me just paying his (individual) premium? How about on a company check?
I would rather pay it myself, as opposed to paying him the additional wages and having him pay it.

Posted By: Electric Eagle

Re: Employee health coverage - 10/27/05 01:26 AM

This shouldn't be a problem. You can just buy the policy for him, have the bill sent to you and pay it with pretax dollars. Just keep in mind when it comes insurance many states will force you to do the same for all employees.
Posted By: Redsy

Re: Employee health coverage - 10/27/05 11:07 AM

Thanks for the input EE.

I am afraid they might look at it as a "back-door" approach to lower premiums.
Posted By: Redsy

Re: Employee health coverage - 10/29/05 04:27 AM

Thanks, Les.

I'm more concerned about the reduced premium than the deduction. It is about $115.00 versus $275.00/ month. I'm only hiring one employee, but I wonder if the insurance company has a problem with the idea.
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