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Posted By: NJI bidding help? - 07/23/05 02:36 PM
Hello, I would like to ask for some information from you all. I am relativly new to the industry and primarily do res and light commercial. I have an option to wire a new home upwards of 8500 sq feet. Most everything around here these days is 1/3 of that. just wondering if most of you bid based on a sq foot formula or try to get a speced out fixture list? or go with something like wall hole and ceiling holes plus fixtures as the customer specs them. I would really like to be competative in this but need a little advice on the bidding. don't want ot find out that i got the job yet was missing the last bid by 12k. thanks
Posted By: derater Re: bidding help? - 07/23/05 09:47 PM
Dump the sq. ft. approach and put in the extra time required to figure p/ opening.
Assuming something that size can only be custom,get working price from plans and then talk to the h/o.Document all changes,and note that price is pre
'walk through'.After going through every room,etc. you'll all be on the same page and your numbers will be accurate.
Posted By: NJI Re: bidding help? - 07/23/05 10:28 PM
thankyou for the reply. right now it's in the blue print stage and still working on a start date.....potentially. I had a heads up from the GC and said he was going to be asking for bids soon.
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