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Posted By: sparkync

ImproveNet - 02/04/05 01:58 PM

I went on a site taken from the McGraw Hill Dodge Construction Report site, called Improvenet. Does anyone know the credibility of this service. It says it sends you leads to jobs in your area etc. They say they charge only for jobs that you accept, plus a membership fee. Just wondering if it is legit?? Thanks Steve
Posted By: Dave55

Re: ImproveNet - 02/04/05 04:42 PM

I've had these calls before. Wouldn't it be nice to have a print for a project and get $50 from 30 sub-contractors for the honor of bidding on your project? Wouldn't it be even nicer if you could get 300 sub-contractors to bid on it? I've always thought it was enough that I bid it for free...I'm not paying for a shot at a project.

I put this with..."a sucker is born every minute".

Posted By: sparkync

Re: ImproveNet - 02/04/05 07:58 PM

I guess it would be good to them, but I guess I was looking at the prospects of work for me when I don't have any, although I do hate to take the time to bid a big job and then not get it, and have to pay to bid on it too.
I'm just grasping at straws I guess, while waiting at the house for "calls" to come in.
Posted By: buck

Re: ImproveNet - 02/04/05 10:30 PM

Does your area have a Daily Journal Of Commerce Paper? Our area has a site called builders exchange ( You have to be a member to get plans off the site, however there are ways to get plans by calling the general contractors that are listed on the site and getting their pass codes for each job they list. Suprisingly, they usually give them out if you are a legitimate bidder. It may sound like trying to go through the backdoor, but it has worked for us. We ended up getting a membership (1700.00), because it does pay for itself. We have not tried other planrooms like dodge, aeplans, bluebook etc. Good luck - Cheryl
Posted By: Jim M

Re: ImproveNet - 02/05/05 07:32 PM

If I remeber corerectly Improvenet has stopped with the bid fees and olny has Win fees now. Win fees are based on the price of the job. has the fee schedules.


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$10,000-$24,999 $65 $50 $32
$25,000-$50,000 $100 $75 $50
Over $50k $120 $100 $60

Sorry for the poorly formatted posting. It was copied from an email. I can forward the email if you want it.

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Posted By: Dave55

Re: ImproveNet - 02/06/05 09:24 PM

Maybe you can explain the "No Win Fees!!!".

That's the one condition I wouldn't mind paying a fee! A "low monthly fee" keeps you paying if you're getting contracts or NOT. Paying a fee when winning the bid would be like paying a commission. I'd be interested in one that says you only pay if you win the bid, with "No monthly fee, no lead fee".

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