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Posted By: slumlordworker work types - 12/22/04 04:00 PM
question what is your main type of work
example do u do more rewires or is most of it service work if so what are the most common jobs
Posted By: Dave55 Re: work types - 12/22/04 06:50 PM
My work was almost all residential-after-the-builder until 18 months ago when I started a commercial job. Now it's about evenly split between the two.

Posted By: Dnkldorf Re: work types - 12/22/04 09:23 PM
Machines, machines, machines..

Move them, install them, retrofit them.

Thats about 65% of the work.

30% commercial stuff, hanging lights, new circuits, tshooting.

The restis Resi for the people who own the business's I do work for.
Posted By: Steve McKinney Re: work types - 12/23/04 01:33 PM
Resi for the most part. "Old work" and I do mean work. Rather a challenge sometimes. Hey, if it was easy, anyone could do it? Something wrong w/me? I do appreciate the rewards of resi work tho. I had a customer call me the other night and again thanking me for making their life easier. Can't put a $ sign to that. The more you are given, the more is expected.


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