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Posted By: Electric Eagle Marketing (other than yellow pages) - 11/22/04 12:31 AM
We're trying to expand our service business and I was wondering what you guys do to either get new customers or retain the ones you've got. We're trying direct marketing to new home owners by mailing a postcard to them with a coupon. Also we leave a sticker on the panel of any customer and give them a fridge magnet. We're also considering giving an imprinted Bic pen ($.30 ea) and a note pad ($.20ea) to ea customer. Anything to keep our company name in front of them. We have a very rcognizable logo, so even if they can't remember the name they will recognize us in the phone book.

What do you do?
Posted By: A-Line Re: Marketing (other than yellow pages) - 11/22/04 01:02 AM
I like a good quality coffee cup. Your clients wake up to your name & logo every morning. They will use them for years. Their friends will see them when they come over for coffee.
Posted By: A-Line Re: Marketing (other than yellow pages) - 11/22/04 03:14 AM
Go to click on 50 comanche marketing tips and download the pdf file. Lots of other cool free stuff can be found here.

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we are going to try to go in a different direction with monthly mailing to potential customers and past customers. We also are having alot of shirts printed up with our company name and logo on it ie.. t shirts sweatshirts polo jackets and hats. these all come handy when you go out shooping and just walking around the local mall and the dress shirts work great in church and at your kids school programs. plus we also are going to drop flyers in a few selected locations so people will constanly see our name and hopefuly remember us
Posted By: krstarkie Re: Marketing (other than yellow pages) - 11/22/04 03:57 PM
Well, I'm not the electrician here, but I do all my husbands marketing and manage the office. The hands-down best promo gift that I ever got was a note pad on a magnet with a pen holder and pen. Perfect for my grocery lists! I haven't had any printed up for us, but I'll have to look for some. Also, when Kevin does work for a Realtor, I'll ask if they mind giving us a good referral. I'll ask if I can send out an e-mail to every agent in their office. Then ask them to reply to all, telling them we did a great job for them. I'll follow up with flyers to their mail boxes later in the week. Last night I sent out an e-mail to 300 agents in one office, and I have two realtors who have said they will "reply all" and tell them how great we are. I'm a Realtor, so we get a lot of business from Realtors.
Posted By: krstarkie Re: Marketing (other than yellow pages) - 11/22/04 04:04 PM
One more thing. If you have a Realtor wife or Realtor friend. Ask if they will notify you when homes in your area go under contract. Send a flyer and card to the address of the home within a few days. It is usually only a couple of weeks before the buyers ask the sellers to do specific repairs before the sale. If they ask for electrical work to be done, the owner will have your info handy. You might go in together with your favorite plumber/ HVAC guy/ roofer... and split the costs.
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