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Posted By: Chris Simms

elect-calculator - 06/28/05 11:59 PM

Has anyone brought the calc that is on sale at the main web site to a GA exam?
I was thinking about buying one but wasn't sure if I could carry it in.
Posted By: jbfan

Re: elect-calculator - 06/29/05 01:06 AM

When I took the exam, they checked everything you brought into the test site. Code book, tax book, and calculator. I saw people having to put things under the chairs brfore the test started. I don't think I would take this one in unless I had a back-up. When are you taking the test and where?
Good luck on it.
Posted By: arseegee

Re: elect-calculator - 06/29/05 01:26 AM

No, AMP, who administers the GA test, will check and make sure that you have nothing more than a regular caculator for the test. No cell phones, PDA either. And if you get caught, you never have to worry about a state license.

I have one of those calculators and IMHO i feel you are better off with the Ugly book for the test calculations.
Posted By: Chris Simms

Re: elect-calculator - 07/07/05 09:34 PM

I was just wondering I thought it might make things a little eaiser.
July 20th is my test date and It is my 2nd attempt. I feel I am better prepared this time The math has gotten a little eaiser and I understand transformers a bit better.
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