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Posted By: George Little Grounding conductor - 06/18/05 09:24 PM
Does the insulated #8 grounding conductor inside the PVC conduit connected to the back of a wet niche fixture need to be green in color?
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Grounding conductor - 06/19/05 02:52 AM
No, according to 680.23(B)(2)(a), but 250.119 seems to say yes.
Posted By: shortcircuit Re: Grounding conductor - 06/19/05 10:15 AM
The 2005 NEC recognizes this conductor for its fuction..."a bonding jumper" and therefore would not be required to be green in color...

Posted By: George Little Re: Grounding conductor - 06/19/05 12:48 PM
I wish the Code panel would make up their mind on what that #8 wire is called. The '02 calls it a grounding conductor and so the color code would kick in but, the '05 calls it a bonding conductor and the color code would not apply???IMHO.
Posted By: renosteinke Re: Grounding conductor - 06/19/05 05:09 PM
The NEC is full of confusion...the old 'grounding or bonding' issue abounds.
As a "simple mans' rule,' when I get confused I ask myself "is this wire for lightning protection?" If so, then it's a 'ground.' If not, it's a 'bond."

Using this understanding, let's consider the wire from the panel to the water pipe.
In an old house, where there is no ground rod, this is a 'ground wire' or GEC.
In a new house, this wire is there to clear any fault current to the plumbing- so it's a bond, not a ground.

Probably over-simple, but it does help me keep focused.
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Grounding conductor - 06/27/05 03:20 AM
I'd say that, since the conductor does not require being brought back to the panel feeding the equipment (if any), and is for minimizing gradients, it's a bonding conductor.
Posted By: georgestolz Re: Grounding conductor - 06/28/05 04:15 AM
I wish the Code panel would make up their mind on what that #8 wire is called.
How about "Pool Gradient Conductor." Sounds official, and really can't be confused with an EGC. [Linked Image]
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Grounding conductor - 06/28/05 05:35 AM
Shortcircuit has it. There was an error in the code when they called the #8 in the pipe to the forming shell a grounding conductor and it was fixed in the 2005 code.
There were 4 proposals that all said essentially the same thing (17-93, 4, 5
& 6)
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