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I'm presently working a high rise where the use of ENT is installed through firewalls horizontally without the use of sleeves but using intumescent caulking on both sides of the penetration and plated above and/or below using stud material packed with mineral fiber insulation (I've never seen this type of method before, except for EMT, Ridgid or Flexible Metal Conduit. I've always sleeved penetrations when using a material that will reduce in size due to fire). I looked up ENT "Uses Permitted and Uses Not Permitted," and all it mentions is a 15 minute rating of the barrier when "concealed in walls, floors and ceilings." Nowhere does it mention the integrity of the firewall itself, nor does it mention through firewall penetrations. I'll have some pics later.
ENT in a high rise? <sacastistic> Sorry...

Oh.... anyway, welcome to the forum Rannon!

And yep, I too would question the fire blocking method.

ENT isn't allowed where I'm at, and barely available for use in neighboring cities, but the way I read the code for use is over 3 stories, (Wow that sounds familiar) it's only allowed within certain finishes of comprised fire rating. And the oddest exception of allowed to be exposed if the building has sprinklers...? I assume these will all be covered, but (Like you said,) I don't think the method used would be rated for it.

The best resource for that would be the manufacturer of the material used in the fire proofing, to see what they have thier products listed for, and how it would be put together.

To understand my sarcasism see this recent post about NM in high rise;
In regards to sleeving anything through fire resistive construction - forget everything you've done before. Sleeving could be optional, required, or not permitted depending on the system used.
The key now is a UL (or other NRTL) classified through penetration firestop system. E57 is right in that you have to go to the manufacturer of the "firestop" to see if they have a system to cover this. Here is a system that could be used in your case: ion=versionless&parent_id=1073995580&sequence=1
Well that link didn't work. Try this. Go here and type in : w-l-2088 where it says through penetration firestop system.
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