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Posted By: Abdulaziz Electrical substation used as strage area - 05/08/05 05:56 PM
hello gents,

Is there any specific standard prohibits using the electrical substations as storage area!!

Strange…..ha !!

Some electrician‘s are utilizing these substation as a store for their tools, boxes and materials. They are arguing not to move any tools because there is no standard.
Posted By: iwire Re: Electrical substation used as strage area - 05/08/05 06:37 PM
Is this installation covered by the NEC (privately owned) or the NESC (utility owned)
It is in an oil Industry plant.
I think you can enforce the working space rules. If the enclosure is large enough to maintain proper access, working space and still allow the tools inside I wouldn't have a problem with it. Otherwise it is the same as piling stuff in front of or blocking clear access to any other equipment. "Move it".
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