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GFI in beauty Salon

Posted By: aldav53

GFI in beauty Salon - 03/28/05 10:36 AM

Are GFI recepts required in beauty salons to be used for hair dryers, even if not near a sink?
Posted By: e57

Re: GFI in beauty Salon - 03/28/05 10:55 AM

Cant find it in NEC (Don't think its there or at least 210.8(B)) "GFCI Protection for Personnel" might apply for simular situations via OSHA regs for hand-held equipment?

But not a bad idea none the less.... Wet hair and floors etc.

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Posted By: Alan Nadon

Re: GFI in beauty Salon - 03/28/05 02:05 PM

As an Inspector I recommend them when I inspect beauty salons. I can not, and do not require them but, mentioning the safety aspect when the owner is near almost always gets them installed and the electrician gets an extra. Alan
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