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Receptacle in closet

Posted By: Suffolksteve281

Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 02:04 AM

I recently installed a receptacle in a large walk-in closet at the customer's request after checking the NEC for any possible violations. I didn't find any.
Yet the Town Inspector failed it anyway citing the NEC. I called and expressed my concerns that there is no rule that prohibits a receptacle in a closet. They have not returned my calls.
As electricians may know, it is prohibited to install exposed light bulbs, overcurrent devices, and heating cables in closets.
From the NEC, a receptacle is not required. But a violation?
Have I missed something?
Or is the Electrical Inspector mistaken?
Steve Danielson
Lic Master Electrician
Posted By: John Steinke

Re: Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 02:14 AM

There is no violation; indeed, with today's elaborate closets, receptacles are becomming common.
The NEC does prohibit installing panels in clothes closets these days---the practice was once common---and that may be what the inspector was thinking of.

In any event, it is the inspectors' duty to cite the code. Just don't jump on him if he admits to being a little happens to us all!
Posted By: Physis

Re: Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 03:27 AM

I looked too and I couldn't find permission anywhere in the NEC to install a receptacle in a closet.

Of course I couldn't anything prohibiting it either.

So it's up to your inspector to come up with the goods and that should be in the form of a code reference. Ask him what code was violated. As long as you're diplomatic about it and your inspector's not phsyco you should be able to sort it out.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 02:24 PM

As an AHJ I was told by some very smart people, that "If you can't read the violation in the NEC, Then you can't write a violation!" Ask the AHJ very nicely, what code section you are in violation of so that you don't make a mistake. In NJ by law, I have to cite a violation by chapter and verse where it is in the NEC. At the very least our state has a "Construction Board of Appeals in each county. You and the inspector have the right to go in front of this board. They will hear both sides of the story and give you an answer. They will either side with you or the AHJ. Good Luck
Posted By: makokiller

Re: Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 02:58 PM

just put a blank cover over it until the inspector leaves and then put the recp back in.
Posted By: Electricmanscott

Re: Receptacle in closet - 12/31/04 06:33 PM

That's brilliant makokiller. [Linked Image] ugh
Posted By: Physis

Re: Receptacle in closet - 01/02/05 08:05 PM

Or hang a picture over it [Linked Image]
Posted By: PCBelarge

Re: Receptacle in closet - 01/02/05 11:26 PM

This inspector may be new, if so, he can learn just like anyone else. Ignoring his citation, and not contesting it will just cause more people and maybe yourself more frustration in the future.
As has been mentioned, ask him what he is citing.

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