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2005 Code Change

Posted By: HoseB611

2005 Code Change - 12/22/04 03:11 AM

Can someone explain to me the change to 210.12 Arc Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection, "require that all dwelling unit bedroom branch circuit AFCI protection devices must be listed as a "combination Type AFCI", effective Jan. 1 2008." First of all I have never heard of the "combination type AFCI, and secondly the way I understand it is all 120V branch circuits being supplying 15 or 20A outlets in bedrooms must be AFCI protected. Does that include the lighting outlets, fan outlets, and recepticle outlets? Need clarification please..
Posted By: Ryan_J

Re: 2005 Code Change - 12/22/04 03:32 AM

The two biggest differences between the AFCI's is that the combination type is supposed to trip at 5 miliamps of current as opposed to 75, and the combination type is also supposed to detect arc faults after the outlet, such as cord and plug connected equipment.

As for your other questions, yes, all outlets in the bedroom (120 volt, 15/20 amp) are to be protected. This includes receptacles, light fixtures, smoke detectors, etc...
Posted By: Ryan_J

Re: 2005 Code Change - 12/22/04 03:35 AM

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