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Posted By: mustangelectric GFCI LINE/LOAD RACEWAY - 12/17/04 03:16 AM
The line and load from a gfci can not occupy the same raceway correct?

I was thinking I read that somewhere.

Why would this not be allowed?


Posted By: HotLine1 Re: GFCI LINE/LOAD RACEWAY - 12/17/04 05:15 AM
The only logic that I can offer is that if there was an insulation failure between the line/load conductors, there could be a loss of GFCI protection.

Some utility co's have restrictions on metered and un-metered conductors within the same enclosure; other than that and "same rated insulation" issues, that's all I heard of.

As to that statement being a part of the written word.....I have not come accross it.

Posted By: caselec Re: GFCI LINE/LOAD RACEWAY - 12/17/04 05:42 AM
The only place I can think of off that this is an issue is in article 680 for underwater lights.

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