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Posted By: Reel-Break 2 wires on breaker? - 12/15/04 05:35 PM
Hey guys where do I find where its permissable to have 2 wires on a breaker.Listing for the device in the white book?Here`s why I ask I always wire a couple of bed rooms on a afci and bring the circits to panel and place both on same breaker reason is I can easily separate for trouple shooting and if its something I can`t do at the time I can at least have the other room working real quick by moving to another afci.New code inforcement guy wants to see why I can other than me saying it has a place for 2 wires on the breaker.I really can`t find the justification for it.Thanks in advance
Posted By: electricman2 Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/15/04 06:12 PM
I believe Square D QO will accept 2 conductors, there may be others. Consult manufacturer. Why not just pigtail in panel?
Posted By: gfretwell Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/15/04 08:09 PM
On the QO it is right on the breaker. Look at the tiny label in the wiring recess. Bring your glasses ;-)
Posted By: energy7 Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/15/04 11:32 PM
I usually find it on the listing label on the panelboard cover. (Where it's upside down, and in small print. So use your glasses and crank your head around.)
Every brand I've seen recently allows double lugging only on the grounding conductors. Hots and Neutrals (That's "ungrounded and grounded conductors", sorry!) are singles.
Posted By: Roger Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/16/04 12:32 AM
Energy7, the information on the panel or panel cover, doesn't directly address the breakers.

For an example go to this Homeline breaker link, and scroll down to the Circuit Breaker Wire Sizes, take note of the (2) in the conductors listed for breakers 10 thru 30 amps.

Reel-Break, now for the bad news if you are using SQ D QO breakers (I would contact SQ D for clarification) in the QO series You will see the AFCI's are only listed for one conductor.

The other manufacturers may list their AFCI's for two conductors, you can contact them for this info, I have always found them willing to help.

Posted By: wayne Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/20/04 12:17 AM
Hi Reel break,
I can understand the reason why you like to do that, What I do around here, since there is one wire per breaker I make a yoke ( splice) whin a few inches of the breaker in question. I have not seen it in the code that would allow you to do it otherwise, unless the equipment is designed for it. Hope this will help, thought I would just drop a little input. later
Posted By: Reel-Break Re: 2 wires on breaker? - 12/20/04 02:21 PM
Thanks guys for the responces.Hey Roger thanks I was useing the qo for this one.
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