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Meterbase Clearances

Posted By: mustangelectric

Meterbase Clearances - 12/12/04 12:43 AM

I know that a drip loop has a 3 foot clearance from any window or door but what about a meterbase that is fed from a service lateral?

I do not think the code addresses that do they?

I know there is a height requirement usually 5-6-6" around here.

Thanks for any replies.


Posted By: trekkie76

Re: Meterbase Clearances - 12/12/04 01:15 AM

I would have to say no. Look at 230-9(A). Unless your lateral is open conductors or a multiconductor cable without a overall outer jacket, It can be as close to the window as you like. A meter socket is accessible from the ground, so why would it matter if the conductors where 3' from a window, when I could go outside and touch them?
Posted By: mustangelectric

Re: Meterbase Clearances - 12/12/04 01:33 AM

Thanks for the reply..I do not know what the feeder will be because the POCO installs the feeder from their xfmr to the meterbase using the 3" conduit I installed.

What is the requirement with a multiconductor cable underground?


Posted By: OreElect

Re: Meterbase Clearances - 12/12/04 01:56 AM

Meter clearances hear must apply to Electric service requirements from local power company.
Its a good idea to get a current ESR from your local power co.Has all the information,clearences and requirements

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