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Posted By: Sparky_1 Thermal Overload - 11/21/04 05:40 AM
We have 3 3 phase 3 HP fan motors that are
continuous duty.
Can we use cord and plug and the breaker
to operate the motors? or do we have to
use a overload section on each motor?

Posted By: Tom Re: Thermal Overload - 11/21/04 03:03 PM
Most 3 phase motors do not have built in overload protection. You have to install an overload device in each conductor & this is usually done with a motor starter. See 430.32

As for using the cord & plug connection, that will require a horsepower rated receptacle and a horsepower rated cord cap.430.109(F)

Posted By: Sparky_1 Re: Thermal Overload - 11/21/04 03:51 PM
Thanks for the information Tom
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