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Posted By: mustangelectric UF Cable Under Pool Apron - 10/27/04 03:08 AM
Any restrictions on installing UF cable under a pool apron? Not under the pool itself.

Looking at running switch legs under 6 inch apron around pool.

Feeder from sub panel on side of house will be in PVC...insulated ground and neutral..#8 from pool steel and it is insulated...did see that the pool guy just wrapped the wire under a nut on a 3/8 stud..that did not look too good but i am not doing that part..just tieing in the ground from the pool steel to the egc from the sub..any prob with that?

i thought i read somewhere that any runs under a pool had to be in memory aint what it used to be..

thanks for any replies...


Posted By: John Steinke Re: UF Cable Under Pool Apron - 10/27/04 03:27 AM
I can't speak for the code, but...

I advise against it, because I currently have a customer whose pool apron covers a bad wire run. Since UF was used, replacing this wire is almost impossible to replace this wire, without tearing up the apron.
Also, im my experience, trenches are NEVER deep enough, and UF is almost always run way too shallow.
Run pipe, then transition in a ground box once past the apron area.
Posted By: golf junkie Re: UF Cable Under Pool Apron - 10/27/04 03:28 AM
Where do these switchlegs go??

AFAIK there is nothing that would keep you from putting UF under a pool deck. However, I don't think I'd go that route unless there was no other option. It definitely would be better to go with pvc conduit.
Posted By: mustangelectric Re: UF Cable Under Pool Apron - 10/27/04 03:37 AM
Thanks for the reply. I think you are right and I will go ahead and do this whole job in pvc.

the switches will be controlling the wet niche lighting and 4 coach lights fed from a gfi..

i can easily justify the cost difference..

thanks for taking the time to reply..


Posted By: gfretwell Re: UF Cable Under Pool Apron - 10/27/04 05:57 AM
You are also supposed to be 5' from the pool if space is available 680.10
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