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Manholes (mixing voltages & Phone)

Posted By: Yoopersup

Manholes (mixing voltages & Phone) - 10/22/04 03:14 PM

Manholes Article 314
I have a Job where the Manhles are designed with 13.8 -4160- Phones cable , is all run thur. (owners Manhole & cables)Nothing I can see in 314 section of manholes prohibits this , Is there another section That would??All cables would be pulled thur no equipment or terms in any manhole.The cables Hight Voltage are single not Mc.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: Manholes (mixing voltages & Phone) - 10/23/04 09:40 PM

There is another code book that most of us don't have. It is the National Electrical Safety Code and it usually deals with the POCO people. It talks about big transformers, Poles, high voltage wiring, etc. In some states (like NJ) the AHJ can quote sections of that code.
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