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Posted By: Reel-Break Bidding jobs - 10/21/04 12:37 PM
Seems we have lost some bids of late. And after some follow upsI have some questions.
1.Does most people bid by square ft and if so does that enclude hvac/water pump etc
2.How do you handle the garage and other areas
Seems of the bids we lost after following up they paid more than our bid because others were not encluding hvac cable phone.Just wandering whats the norm for other areas..Thanks
Posted By: velect Re: Bidding jobs - 10/21/04 01:47 PM
Garages are part of my square foot bids. they are just as much work or more than any bedroom
Posted By: Admin Re: Bidding jobs - 10/21/04 02:49 PM
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