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Posted By: mustangelectric GEC - 09/10/04 02:32 AM
Is there ever a time where a MAIN PANELBOARD for a Sinfgle Fam Dwelling would NOT have a #4 bare ground for cold water ground? copper piping.

here in Arkansas the GEC goes from the Ground rod to the METER BASE. In Kentucky it is from the Panelboard to the Ground Rod. If there is a copper water line, you need a COLD WATER BOND..usually a #6 for 100A and #4 for 200A this ALWAYS goes to the MAIN PANELBOARD..

i saw a house today that only had a gec from the main disc at the other ground in the panel..

this looked wrong to me..

the feed was a 4 conductor SER type cable..

thanks for any replies..

Posted By: Dave55 Re: GEC - 09/10/04 02:51 AM
Allways check with the AHJ.

Posted By: Ryan_J Re: GEC - 09/10/04 03:15 AM
GEC's are required to go from the electrode to the service equipment. If the disco at the meter is the service equipment, and it sounds like it is, this is code compliant.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: GEC - 09/10/04 04:21 AM
It can be anywhere from the load end of the drop to the disconnect enclosure.

250.24 Grounding Service-Supplied Alternating-Current Systems.
(A)(1) General. The connection shall be made at any accessible point from the load end of the service drop or service lateral to and including the terminal or bus to which the grounded service conductor is connected at the service disconnecting means.
Posted By: harold endean Re: GEC - 09/11/04 03:34 AM
What if all of the water piping in the house is PLASTIC? What do you ground to?
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