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Posted By: homersimpson Terminal color - 09/01/04 07:16 PM
Is it required that all line side terminals are brass in color and all neutral terminals silver? If so, please give code references.
Posted By: iwire Re: Terminal color - 09/01/04 07:30 PM
First welcome Homer you have many fans here. [Linked Image]

Take a look at 200.10(B) part of which says "metal coating that is substantially white in color"

Posted By: Ryan_J Re: Terminal color - 09/01/04 09:15 PM
Posted By: homersimpson Re: Terminal color - 09/03/04 11:49 AM
iwire, Thank you for the reply.
Posted By: iwire Re: Terminal color - 09/03/04 06:09 PM
Homer your welcome.

We only live a few miles apart, I live near LA Roberts.

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