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Posted By: rknikko Smoke detector - 08/31/04 04:53 AM
In the NEC 1999 & 2002, for a 3-family house, do we need one smoke detector in each dwelling bedroom? If YES, what about the NYC Building Code? Have they omit this out from the NEC Code?

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Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Smoke detector - 08/31/04 05:19 AM

Smoke detector requirements are found in the Building Codes, not the NEC. I don't know what NYC requirements are.

Posted By: PCBelarge Re: Smoke detector - 09/01/04 02:05 AM
NYC also references NFPA 72 for a lot of the same requirements as other areas of the country.

Posted By: Ryan_J Re: Smoke detector - 09/01/04 01:22 PM
I didn't respond to this because I know nothing about NY codes, but as per the IBC it would be required in each bedroom and outside of each bedroom.
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