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Posted By: Creighton appliance garage - 08/02/04 04:09 PM
210.52(C)(5). How do you space the receptacles on either side of an appliance garage? (The receptacle in the garage does not count as one of the required kitchen counter receptacles)
Posted By: CharlieE Re: appliance garage - 08/02/04 05:22 PM
Hello Creighton (S. I assume). IMHO, the appliance garage is a skipped space that is handled the same as a sink or range top since appliances would be pulled from the garage to make use of them. That makes the space in front of the garage dedicated to the garage. Therefore, a small appliance branch circuit receptacle must be within 2 feet of the edge of the garage on either side. [Linked Image]

Charlie Eldridge, Utility Power Guy
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: appliance garage - 08/02/04 06:42 PM
I agree with Charlie. To take it further, (Threadjack not intended) if you do install a receptacle inside the garage is gfci protection required? There are those who say since it is not counted as a required counter use receptacle gfci not required. I say gfci is required because the receptacle usually serves an appliance that is used on the counter.
Posted By: Creighton Re: appliance garage - 08/02/04 09:34 PM
Hi, Charlie - Yes, it's me. Nice to see your contributions to this forum. I like your common sense answer, but Panel 2 in the 2004 ROP, Pg. 304.proposal 2-220, says "The panel does not agree that appliance garages generally do not split the countertops into separate spaces."
Using your method, the two receptacles each side of the ag are 4 ft. + the width of the ag apart. As the receptacle inside the ag cannot be counted as one of the required receptacles, we are left with a dilemma.
As we know, it is hard to say what you mean and have it mean the same thing to the next guy.
Best regards, Creighton.
Posted By: CharlieE Re: appliance garage - 08/03/04 02:18 AM
Great to hear from you, Creighton. I have not read the panel statement. However, IMO, the panel statement is an official interpretation of the NEC. In other words, I disagree with the panel but I feel like the intent of the Code is to count the area in front of the garages.

My question is what do you do is the garage is over four feet wide (I have never seen one that wide)? Since you can't count the receptacles in the garage, are you required to put in tombstones? [Linked Image]

Charlie Eldridge, Indianapolis, Utility Power Guy

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Posted By: ElectricAL Re: appliance garage - 08/03/04 01:46 PM
A not uncommon placement of the garage is in the corner of the room. Since the spacing of the counter receptacles is measured along the backsplash, a 2' x 2' garage will push the counter outlet on either side of the garage to more than 4' apart.

In effect this garage is 4' wide.
Posted By: ElectricAL Re: appliance garage - 08/04/04 07:33 PM

Your question has stuck with me over the last couple days. Appliance garages come in a large number of variations.

Following the lead from Panel 2 in the 2004 ROP, Pg. 304.proposal 2-220, I submit that the question is about whether there is counter outside of the garage, and how that counter is served by counter receptacles.

Since the receptacles inside the appliance garage are, by 210.52(C)(5), not readily accessible, this draws my attention to the garage floor as being part of a dedicated space and is not wall counter.

Depending on the physical configuration of the garage, is there counter outside the garage, and, if so, is it 12" wide or wider.

As currently worded, the surface, along which the measurement is done for the spacing of receptacles, seems to be the outside face of the garage.

The cutting in of receptacle outlets in either (or both) end panel(s) of the garage seems to be the required solution at present.

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