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Posted By: tomselectrc comercial lite switches - 07/02/04 11:50 AM
Biding a hair salon print shows lite switches in all the rooms. Owner and builder say it does not need to be like this. what are your thoughts?
Posted By: iwire Re: comercial lite switches - 07/02/04 02:49 PM
In commercial work the NEC does not require any light switches.

However, you may be in an area with energy codes that need to be met, this usually means that the lighting needs to be controlled in some way that will shut it off when not needed, timers, occupancy sensors etc.

The easiest way to comply with this is often the use of motion sensor switches in each room.
Posted By: e57 Re: comercial lite switches - 07/04/04 05:58 PM
Switches, I agree are not required, but unless you have some type of switching means, like a timer, motion control, dimmer or contactor. The only thing left is the CB...

If using Circuit Breakers as a Switch, see:

240.83(D) Used as Switches. Circuit breakers used as switches in 120-volt and 277-volt fluorescent lighting circuits shall be listed and shall be marked SWD or HID. Circuit breakers used as switches in high-intensity discharge lighting circuits shall be listed and shall be marked as HID.

Circuit breakers marked SWD are 15- or 20-ampere breakers that have been subjected to additional endurance and temperature testing. New in the 2002 Code, breakers marked with HID are acceptable for switching applications. If high-intensity discharge lighting such as mercury vapor, high-pressure or low-pressure sodium, or metal halide lighting is used, the breaker used for switching must be marked HID

The way this read around my area, is that ALL CB's as switches are to be SWD type. Because fixtures can be changed out without permit.

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Posted By: tomselectrc Re: comercial lite switches - 07/05/04 11:15 AM
thanxs for the info, can't beleve seperate rooms don't need a switch!
Posted By: e57 Re: comercial lite switches - 07/05/04 05:48 PM
Well, picture a jewlery store, or bank where anyone could walk in and shut off the lights.....
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: comercial lite switches - 07/06/04 10:44 PM

Here in NJ, IF the switches are on the prints submitted for plan review, and issuing of an electrical permit...they shall be installed. The only acceptable way NOT to install them would be a letter (signed and sealed) from the Architect/Engineer of Record stating that it is an approved change.

As Iwire stated...the NEC does not require comm switches, but an energy code, or local (state) regulations may make it mandatory.

I suggest you check with the area AHJ before you get in to deep.

Posted By: tomselectrc Re: comercial lite switches - 07/08/04 10:53 AM
thanks for the reply,called AHJ told me sumitted plans that have switch should have them.lost bid due to owner not agreeing.think it was better to lose than deal with the owner!
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