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Posted By: Reel-Break detached building (again) sorry - 05/27/04 06:09 PM
OK ,I have a 200amp service residential.I have a out building/workshop with a 100 amp main breaker panel installed. Now can I run 3 wire service to it?Bond neutral to can.
Do I place a rod there or not?
Do I run 4 wire and place rod?
I re read some past threads but need alittle
reassurance.Thanks in advance.
using direct burial cable pvc conduit.
Posted By: Ryan_J Re: detached building (again) sorry - 05/27/04 07:44 PM
Are there any continuos metal paths between the building? Such as water pipe, gas, coax, phone, etc...?
Posted By: Reel-Break Re: detached building (again) sorry - 05/27/04 08:35 PM
Not that I`m aware of at this time.I read 250.32 Not clear on the single branch part.Electricians here say you can run three wire but the best way would be go with 4 wire and the rod.Just would like to better understand if three wire is permisable in this situation legally. But also personally I`m lean towards the best way if it is better.
Posted By: BPHgravity Re: detached building (again) sorry - 05/27/04 09:04 PM
If your installing a panelboard at the workshop, than you don't have a single branch circuit going to the workshop, you have a feeder.

Regardless if you wire with 3-wire or 4-wire, a grounding electrode system will be required at the workshop building.

I don't think either way can be classified as "better". Both will provide adequate service and practical safegaurding.
Posted By: triple Re: detached building (again) sorry - 06/10/04 09:34 PM
Take a course on stray voltage and you will find out why the 4-wire method IS better than using only 3.

If you are not sure of metallic paths then you MUST use 4-wire.

Ground rod(s) are necessary at the second building.
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