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Posted By: mustangelectric SER CABLE - 05/10/04 03:28 PM
What article in the code would not allow a 3 Conductor SER cable to feed a sub-panel? An inspector is telling me the cable has to have an insulated neutral.

I ran the cable from a 200A MAIN CSED outside to a 200A load center in a basement. I ran ground wires along with the cable.

If there is an article that would allow this please let me know.

Please look at 250.142 B EX:2

Thanks for any replies.



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Posted By: Ryan_J Re: SER CABLE - 05/10/04 04:03 PM
(B) Conductors of the Same Circuit. All conductors of the same circuit and, where used, the grounded conductor and all equipment grounding conductors and bonding conductors shall be contained within the same raceway, auxiliary gutter, cable tray, cablebus assembly, trench, cable, or cord, unless otherwise permitted in accordance with 300.3(B)(1) through (4).

250.184 Solidly Grounded Neutral Systems.
(A) Neutral Conductor. The minimum insulation level for neutral conductors of solidly grounded systems shall be 600 volts.
Exception No. 1: Bare copper conductors shall be permitted to be used for the neutral of service entrances and the neutral of direct-buried portions of feeders.
Exception No. 2: Bare conductors shall be permitted for the neutral of overhead portions installed outdoors.
FPN:See 225.4 for conductor covering where within 3.0 m (10 ft) of any building or other structure.
Posted By: mustangelectric Re: SER CABLE - 05/10/04 04:26 PM
Thanks for the reply. I guess I will replace the csed with a 200A meter base move the main breaker down in the basement.

I think its best to just replace the panel with a 200MB panel rather than replace 100 feet of the SER.


Posted By: Ryan_J Re: SER CABLE - 05/10/04 04:37 PM
Greg: Please refer to the following code section, with the bold added by me, and be sure that your installation will comply. It sounds to me like if you have 100' of cable you won't meet this requirement.

230.70(A)(1) Readily Accessible Location. The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location either outside of a building or structure or inside nearest the point of entrance of the service conductors.
Posted By: mustangelectric Re: SER CABLE - 05/10/04 08:35 PM
Yes your right I will have to replace the cable. It's too far for a main. If it was 10 feet or less I would do it but this is too far to have no protection from the basement to the pole!

For some reason I was thinking I could run a three conductor cable.

The design for this job has changed several times since the start.

Thanks for the help.


Posted By: Ryan_J Re: SER CABLE - 05/10/04 08:39 PM
Your welcome [Linked Image]
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