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Posted By: Nick Article 517-30 - 05/07/04 02:05 AM
I just wanted to run something by the forum to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Here is the way I interpret it. Article 517.30(B)(1) breaks the Essential system down into two parts. The Emergency and the Equipment systems. The Emergency system is further broken down into the Life Safety Branch and the Critical Branch. Now, 517.30(C)(3) is titled "Mechanical protection of the Emergency System." This section applies to the emergency system (Life Safety and Critical) as defined above. Even though it does not specifically mention it, the Equipment System does not apply to this section and therefore is not required to be run in a non-flexible metallic wiring method.
Anyone disagree?!!

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Posted By: Roger Re: Article 517-30 - 05/07/04 01:51 PM
Nick you are correct. The Equipment branch can also share raceways and boxes with other systems besides the Emergency System.

HCFC was allowed for Emergency System wiring of branch circuits in the 99 NEC and I think will be allowed again in the 05 NEC for some situations.

Posted By: Nick Re: Article 517-30 - 05/08/04 06:18 PM
I don't understand your last statement. HCF-90 can be used for emergency systems of Nursing homes and limited care facilities under 517.40 but not for emergency systems that fall under 517.30.

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Posted By: Roger Re: Article 517-30 - 05/08/04 08:30 PM
Nick, in the 99 code book look at the last sentence of 517-30(c)(3), it says; Where installed as branch circuit conductors serving patient care areas, the installation shall comply with the requirements of Section 517-13

This meant that 517-13(b) would allow flexible wiring methods if the armor was listed or approved as an EGC.

In the 2002 NEC this sentence was removed.

Posted By: Nick Re: Article 517-30 - 05/08/04 10:32 PM
Is there an ROP stating the reasoning for deleting this sentence? I have always thought that was there to make sure emergency circuits met the redundant grounding requirements of 517-13. Someone could meet the requirements of 517-30(C)(3) by running EMT without an equipment grounding conductor (using the EMT as an equipment ground)in non patient care areas. I have never read that as allowing flexible methods in patient care areas. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Roger Re: Article 517-30 - 05/09/04 03:25 PM
Hello Nick, the redundant grounding is still required in Patient Care Areas per 517-13(a), 517-13(b) simply allowed a "flexible" wiring method, but didn't modify any other requirement.

You are right that in Non Patient Care Areas it is not needed

I would think there was an ROP driving this change to 517.30(c)(3) but don't know where to find it, maybe some else will come forward.


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