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Posted By: jmcelectric concentric knockouts - 04/30/04 02:10 AM
i can`t find any code article on concentric ko`s that says i need a bonding bushing,other than service i need a bonding bushing with a feeder to a panel if the conduit is being used as the equipment grounding conductor?what if i have a seperate ground wire ?any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: Ryan_J Re: concentric knockouts - 04/30/04 02:11 AM

I'm sorry JMelectric. I should have at least said welcome to the forum. My bad.

Anyway, welcome to the forum. Take a look at 250.97 which addresses over 250V systems very clearly, then see 250.96 which addresses under 250V systems very not so clearly [Linked Image]

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Posted By: jmcelectric Re: concentric knockouts - 04/30/04 02:38 AM
a little gray but after reading it a few times it makes sense ..thanks
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