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Posted By: bshep714 N.E.C. hi-lite guide - 02/23/04 01:36 PM
Does anyone know where i can obtain an NEC hi-lite guide. I used to get them when From my instructor when I was an apprentice (over ten years ago). Now that I am an apprenticeship instructor I would like to either make them available to my students or at least point them in the right direction to get one.

If it costs something thats fair enough. I know of one company that sells a pre hi-lited codebooks, but because I teach 3rd & 4th year all my students already have codebooks.
Posted By: bshep714 Re: N.E.C. hi-lite guide - 02/26/04 05:32 PM
Please, any info would be helpfull
Posted By: Roger Re: N.E.C. hi-lite guide - 02/26/04 06:23 PM
I know that Tom Henry's tabs come with high lighting notes. This may not be what you're after, but you can find these tabs here.

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