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Posted By: Yoopersup ambulatory care outpatient wiring methods - 01/27/04 05:17 PM
Can Sch. 40 Pvc be used for patient care areas as its not a hospital. (Underground feeders only). Exam rooms, X ray, Dialysis , ect. There is an em. generator but the eng. has very little on it some lights ect.
Posted By: Roger Re: ambulatory care outpatient wiring methods - 01/27/04 11:35 PM
Yoopersup, No, PVC can not be used in these patient care areas.

There is some confussion on "Outpatient" facilities due to the wording of 517.10(B)(1).

Read all of 517.10, 517.13, and 517.30(C)(3)
for better explanation of why you can not use PVC.

The size of the generator doesn't come in to play here.

Read 517-45
In the 2002 n.f.p.a. nec code handbook .
Says 517-3- thru 35 only apply where electrical life support is required. So if the dialylis machines have battery back up???. The reference to the Gen. was not on this subject. Just a note to let you know one was on site not just battery backup.
It all depends on the level of care.
Posted By: Roger Re: ambulatory care outpatient wiring methods - 01/28/04 03:02 PM
Yoopersup, I don't have access to the handbook, but the way you write the code article references with a dash is pre 2002.

There is no 517.3 in the 2002 code.

The emergency issue is not the only problem, and as you said, may not apply at all in this case.

With the definition of Patient Care Area in 517.02, We would still have to meet the requirements of 517.13.

After rereading your post, it appears as though you are just talking about feeders, and if this is the case you are OK. (my mistake)

That was suppose to be 517-30 sorry missed the o. Thanks for your feed back
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