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Posted By: tdhorne Panel Locations - 09/18/02 01:54 PM
A local building official tried to tell me I could not have a lighting and appliance panel board in the dwelling hallway. I had placed it there to shorten the branch circuit runs to the bedrooms. In all innocence I asked him to write it up so I could justify the delay. I was assuming it was some building code thing with which I was unfamiliar. He did not write a notice and the electrical inspector signed it off. Building inspector then threatens to hold up the rest of the project but he still won't write a notice.

Does anyone know of some legitimate building code reason for not having a panel in a residential hallway if all clearances are met?
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Panel Locations - 09/18/02 02:29 PM
There are restrictions on panel locations in the NEC, but they do not include hallways.
Here in NJ, when there is a code infraction, the AHJ or inspector mist cite the article on the "failure" or violation sticker, and sign the sticker. You should have the "right" to know what "code" you violated.
Perhaps, it's a "personal" thing with the building inspector??
Does your area have a "board of appeals", or is there someone with more authority than the inspector who "failed" your job?

Or, could it be a "decorator's" thing (who wants that ugly panel in the hall???)
Posted By: Tom Re: Panel Locations - 09/18/02 08:49 PM
Never heard of such a thing. I could see if it was a surface mounted panel in a hallway for other than residential since it could be partially obstructing the means of egress.

As the old saying goes "If you can't write it, don't cite it."

Posted By: tdhorne Re: Panel Locations - 09/19/02 01:46 AM
I called the electrical inspector and asked his help in working it out. New building inspector on job today and all cleared to proceed. Still no word as to what was going on. Thanks all.
Posted By: sparky Re: Panel Locations - 09/19/02 01:58 AM
sounds like small penis syndrome.. [Linked Image]
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