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Another Ground question

Posted By: Joule-E

Another Ground question - 08/27/02 05:52 AM

2 four way switches and 1 regular switch ganged together, 3 seperate circuits. Can I clamp all the resulting EGC's together; can I split them up? The box is metal, the cables are #12 NM-B.
Posted By: caselec

Re: Another Ground question - 08/27/02 06:35 AM

All equipment grounds in the box MUST be connected together.
Posted By: Redsy

Re: Another Ground question - 08/27/02 11:12 AM

See 250.148
Posted By: Joule-E

Re: Another Ground question - 08/27/02 12:34 PM

Thats what I thought. Apprecciate it. It didnt specifically refer to seperate circuits, and I was thinking if one circuit shorted out the others might experience some sort of trouble. I read about electricity taking several paths instead of the least resistant. It made me think that several of the grounds would go live but I guess that would happen if they were isolated or not.

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