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Differing Codes and Old Age

Posted By: electure

Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/19/02 01:03 AM

Always consent state or local codes!!
I've noticed we've all been posting references from the '02 Code.
Also take in to consideration the age of the building you're working on. What's not acceptable might have been "state of the art" at the time it was built. Nothing says a building built in 1960 has to meet the 2002 NEC.
Has anybody's Local AHJ adopted the 2002 NEC?
(So Cal, we're just switching from the basic '96 Code ('98 CEC) to the new '99 NEC ( 2001 CEC)

I don't want any of you to whip out your copy of the '02 Code...just to see the inspector smile [Linked Image]
Posted By: sparky

Re: Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/19/02 11:21 AM

We're having a bit of a to-do here, so it may be July or better before the 02' is adopted, and has the state rules attatched.
I had thought we were on the 02'...

Existing? ......
sure,fine, as long as there are no hazards .

However, the 'Life Safety' concerns like GFI's may need to be addressed.

Also, at my last Fire Alarm update, I was informed that all 'systems' need to be brought up to code. I'm not clear as to this being in 72, or a state ruling....

My AHJ? , always gets me an answer, no complaints!
[Linked Image]

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Posted By: Tom

Re: Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/19/02 01:35 PM

WV has just adopted the 1999 NEC. I, however, will work to the 2002 edition for several reasons, such as AFCI requirements and the requirement for GFI protection in restaurant kitchens.

Posted By: ElectricAL

Re: Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/19/02 06:38 PM


An excellent point. The older a building is, the greater the collection of different wiring methods it will tend to have. Understanding the old method and, to the extent possible, the thinking of the installer, goes to make the hard job easier.

A chunk of the work I've done over the decades has been in the 1890 to 1920 vintage of single and multi-family dwellings. The core electrical system of these structures comes from a very different set of rules and expectations.

In 1891 the FIRST commercial use of the new fangled Nicola Tesla Induction AC motors, powered by George Westinghouse generators, was installed in the mining camps at Telluride, Colorado. By 1895 the Tesla Polyphase System was harnessing 15,000 horsepower from Niagra Falls and utilizing it 26 miles away in the lights and streetcars of Buffalo, NY. This was the "killer application" that resulted in abandoning DC for AC.

Between 1895 and my childhood in the Fifties, electricity permeated our culture. The mostly non-electric day-to-day life of individuals in 1901 is as foreign to me as the present day statistic that in 2001 half of the people living on the planet have never made a phone call in their lives.

Learning about the old installation practices, techniques and tools, and learning about the first home uses of AC for light and power, has helped me use my client's dollar to greatest effect.

As for the 2002 NEC, Minnesota will adapt it statewide in just a few more months.

Posted By: electure

Re: Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/20/02 01:19 AM

I remember seeing an old fella' cussing and jumping up and down in a mall in about '76. Seems the inspector burned him on all his 1/2"-4wire home runs.
LA was still using '68 wirefill at that time, which allowed only 3-#12 in a 1/2". He said he had shown the inspector his NEC ('75), and the inspector just smiled. [Linked Image]
I envy you folks with consistent inspection procedures. We're supposed to have them, but I haven't seen any evidence of it yet.
(And yes, anything that makes a dangerous installation safer is a GOOD thing!!)

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Posted By: sparky

Re: Differing Codes and Old Age - 03/25/02 10:13 AM

I've collected old code books, but have few past 71'...for this reason
(.....obsessive compulsive---Editor)
I like old handbooks best, when i was a rookie i'd read the commentary's to see what the He** they were talking about, now with some time under my belt i find i am doing the same...... [Linked Image]
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