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Posted By: Bill Addiss Does L.A. have it's own Building Code? - 03/02/02 03:35 AM
I've had an inquiry asking about a City of Los Angeles Building Code. Is there such a thing?

Posted By: Nick Re: Does L.A. have it's own Building Code? - 03/02/02 07:56 PM
Yes. [Linked Image]
Thanks Nick!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: electure Re: Does L.A. have it's own Building Code? - 03/02/02 10:26 PM
That Code will be defunct soon, as the State has made some changes... No more "inspector fetish" deals.
No "local stupid" changes can be made from the "California Electrical Code".
Of course LA will fight this to the end.
Their inspectors think that they look down on God. We're mere pawns in their "lunchtime" world.
Wooptedoo, I think their Code just ran out yesterday!!, along with a numerous bunch of silly municipalities.
I think that I read something from the State of CA on 9-1-01, giving them 6 months to comply. It ran out yesterday. [Linked Image]

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Posted By: Nick Re: Does L.A. have it's own Building Code? - 03/03/02 01:01 AM
Yes Scott, all of California is supposed to use the CEC now. When total compliance will come about is anyones guess.
Posted By: Scott35 Re: Does L.A. have it's own Building Code? - 03/03/02 04:25 AM

Oh ya - LA has it's own Codes. Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, F/L/S, ADA, and such.
There's City of Los Angeles Codes, and County of Los Angeles Codes.

These are based on the California Codes - falling within "Title 24" [parts 1 thru 8].

I think San Diego also has their own Codes. I'm sure they have an Electrical Code [based on CEC / Title 24], but unsure if there's anything else.
They tend to restrict exterior Commercial Lighting to be LPS [Low Pressure Sodium]. The reasons I have heard are:

[*]Reduction of Lighting Power - per Title 24 part 6 energy calcs,

[*]Reduction of Ambient light and resulting light distortions, per Palomar Observatory (Telescopes).

As far as a Common use of the CEC, I can name one very commonly applied CEC item that all Electrical Contractors in California can relate to, along with Electrical Engineers involved with Commercial projects:

California Energy Conservation Calculations / Requirements!!! [AKA Title 24, part 6].

This translates [per Commercial projects] to:
  • Electronic Ballasts driving T8 lamps,
  • "Bi-Level" or "a/b" switching,
  • EMC's,
  • Bypass switches,
  • Energy Calcs on plansets,
  • Motion Sensors in Offices and such,
  • A maximum of 1.6 Watts per Square Foot of Lighting Power,
  • The old "Slave/Master" control for 3 lamp fixtures.

Scott SET
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