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Coal Mine/ MSHA

Posted By: frodo

Coal Mine/ MSHA - 01/17/02 04:39 PM

i am looking at doing three buildings at three different coal mines. the building will b some kingd of lab. just lights and recepts.

i am trying to decide whether to use EMT, ENT, BX, or MC for these buildings..

the area is not classified.

anything else i should consider?


Posted By: Tom

Re: Coal Mine/ MSHA - 01/17/02 10:06 PM

You can forget the BX unless you get the kind with an equipment grounding conductor in it, the Fed's will require this.

I usually use MC for concealed work & EMT (with an equipment ground pulled in) for exposed work.

I'd say forget the ENT, knowing how mine inspectors think, they probably wouldn't care to see it.

For circuits up to #6 AWG, your equipment ground must be sized 100% of the hot conductor, #4 & up it must be at least 50% of the hot conductor. This could be a problem if you tried to run any cable larger than #10, since the equipment ground will be too small.

What state will this be in?

Posted By: frodo

Re: Coal Mine/ MSHA - 01/18/02 02:19 AM

thanks for the reply. two of the labs is in southern indiana and the other is in kentucky.

in a drop in cieling then just using flex would be adequate for the light fixtures, and run emt everywhere else?

ent would probably scare even those mine guys!


Posted By: Tom

Re: Coal Mine/ MSHA - 01/19/02 01:52 AM

Yeah, they understand flex. The biggest thing, as I pointed out, is to have an equipment ground in every raceway.

I'll be doing a Bath House & motor Barn in Mossy, WV, probably next month. The Bath House is portable, being built about 6 miles from where I live & we'll ship it on flatbeds. The motor barn will be built on site.

I've been to Inez, Kentucky a few times, thats about as far from Indianna as you can get & still be in Kentucky.


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