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Posted By: Redsy Pantry light. - 01/17/02 12:20 PM
A customer wants a light in her (large)pantry. Clearance is not an issue. There is a receptacle on the wall perpendicular to the door. The receptacle is tapped and a switch is installed on the wall to control a receptacle mounted above it at 80" (door height). A 2' fluorescent is mounted above the door and plugged into the receptacle, 8-10" away. Any problems?
Posted By: sparky Re: Pantry light. - 01/17/02 11:54 PM
no more a prob than those similar under-cabinet kitchen ones....
Posted By: MVillines Re: Pantry light. - 01/20/02 04:43 AM
A listed fluorescent fixture is permitted to be cord connected if the fixture is mounted directly below the receptacle. (410.30 (C))
I don’t think many inspectors would be so particular.

Section 410.8 addresses clothes closets only. Storage space is not defined for a pantry since a clothes-hanging rod is not normally installed in the pantry. I suppose one could install a rod, hang a coat for a quick getaway to the store and call in a clothes closet.
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