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410.14(B) Access to splices

Posted By: Elzappr

410.14(B) Access to splices - 01/13/02 06:40 PM

I'm wondering if anyone has some definite way to interpret 410.14(B). I've seen inumerable fluorescent light fixtures attached to concrete ceilings (usually industrial/institutional) with just a 1/2 chase nipple for "access" to the J-box. Obviously, to get at the wiring you'd have to remove the fixture. I tried to convince a local inspector that he shouldn't allow this, but he didn't have any interest. He considered fluorescent fixtures to NOT be "Electric-Discharge" lighting and so he didn't think the section cited applied. What do you all think?
Posted By: sparky

Re: 410.14(B) Access to splices - 01/13/02 07:19 PM

Practically speaking, a single fixture is not a big pain to remove/replace. Fixtures mechanically joined by say, emt, would be a nightmare...
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